Where to Watch Preakness Stakes in Canada Online

Preakness Stakes is an American thoroughbred horse racing event that is held almost every year on the third Saturday of May. People both in USA and outside USA can watch Live Stream Preakness Stakes on its official and other broadcasters. Horse racing is considered one of the greatest sports in Canada. The history of horse racing is very rich in Canada. It hosts various local and international racing events and some of its popular local horse racing events include; Queen’s Plate, Prince of Wales Stakes and Breeder’s Stakes etc. Here you will find out which way is the best to watch Live Stream Preakness Stakes in Canada.

You must know which channel has the Official Broadcasting Rights to Stream Live Preakness Stakes. Since Preakness Stakes is an American horse racing event thus like most sports programs its live coverage rights is given to NBC Sports. NBC Sports is one of the most popular sporting channels available on all kinds of devices. If you want to watch Live Preakness Stakes then what can be a better option than NBC Sports.

How to Stream Preakness Stakes Live in Canada

Fortunately, there is a Live Channels that will stream Live Preakness Stakes in Canada i.e. TSN Sports. TSN is the official broadcaster of most sports in Canada. It will also stream Live Preakness Stakes for its users. Fans can easily catch Live Stream Preakness Stakes in Canada via TSN Sports. But if you still want to watch this mega event via its official broadcaster i.e. NBC Sports then all you have to do is buy a VPN server and enjoy Live Preakness Stakes via NBC Sports anywhere in Canada (since NBC Sports might not be available everywhere in Canada). 

Thus there are two options for Preakness Stakes fans in Canada, TSN Sports and NBC Sports. The details of both of these channels along with their availability will be discussed later in this article.

Why you need a VPN server?

Though NBC Sports will be available in most regions of Canada. But still, you might face buffering issues while watching Live Preakness Stakes in Canada via NBC Sports. Thus by using any good VPN server you can watch Live Stream Preakness Sports without any restrictions. As VPN servers help you to build a better and more private connection so that you can enjoy the streaming of your favorite event.

Watch Live Preakness Stakes on TSN Canada

The Sports Network (TSN) is a Canadian English language sports channel. Since TSN is the Official Live Broadcaster of Preakness Stakes thus fans in Canada will be able to watch free live streaming of Preakness Stakes on TSN. This sports channel provide its streaming in Ultra HD quality to its viewers. Thus if you live in Canada and are a big fan of this mega festival then TSN is the right option for you to enjoy the uninterrupted streaming of Preakness Stakes. TSN is available on all kinds of devices and charges almost 7$ per day. If you are looking for a cheaper option then there are always OTT applications that give free trials to new users.

TSN may comes with geo restrictions thus if TSN is not working properly in your region then you might need to use any good VPN server. After using a VPN server you can watch Preakness Stakes on TSN from anywhere in Canada.

TSN Canada Availability

Available on many Canadian cable systemsCheck local listings, channels may vary
Bell Satellite TV Channels 400–404 (SD)
 Channels 1400–1404 (HD)
Shaw Direct Channels 135–139 / 421–425 (SD)
 Channels 98–102 / 598–602 (HD)
BeltChannel 111 (HD) Channel 112 (SD)
Bell Aliant Fibe TVChannels 100, 102–105 (SD)
 Channels 600, 602–605 (HD)
 Channels 599,601 (4K)
Bell Fibe TVChannels 400–404 (SD)
 Channels 1400–1404 (HD)
 Channels 1398-1399 (4K)
Bell MTSChannels 21 & 22, 37–39 (SD)
 Channels 1021 & 1022, 1037–1039 (HD)
Optik TVChannels 9900–9904 (SD)
 Channels 900–904 (HD)
 Channel 905 (4K)
SaskTelChannels 111–115 (SD)
 Channels 411–415 (HD)
VMediaChannels 30–32, 99 & 100 (HD)
ZazeenChannels 66–70 (HD)
RogersChannels 494–498 (HD)
 Channels 1161–1165 (SD)
 Channel 999 (4K)
Streaming Media 
TSN Gowww.tsn. ca/tv (Canadian television subscribers only; requires login from pay television provider to access content)

How to Access NBC Sports Network to Watch Live Preakness Stakes in Canada

This American Sports network TV channel is the official broadcaster of the whole event. Thus if you want to enjoy each and every second of Preakness Stakes then NBC is the right option for you. But since NBC Sports group comes with geo-restriction, in order to watch its streaming in all regions of Canada you might need to VPN (VPN servers helps to overcome any geo or other restriction so that you can enjoy this mega event on your favorite channels from anywhere around the world. Though there are numbers of VPN server that are available but EXPRESS VPN is considered as the most reliable VPN service for its amazing services).

NBC Sports Network also has an online on-demand application for its viewers so that you can watch Live Preakness Stakes from anywhere around the world without worrying about the cable. All you have to do is download the application and login to watch its streaming. Both NBC Sports TV channel and NBC Sport online Application does not charge any extra penny from its users and comes with your regular cable, satellite or any other Telco TV subscription. So switch now to NBC Sports to watch the unlimited sports streaming including Live Preakness Stakes from anywhere in Canada (VPN server required outside USA).

Compatible Devices – NBC Sports Network is available on all kind of devices (Android, IOS or others).

Availability – FuboTV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, DirectTV Stream

Access Fubo TV in Canada for Preakness Stakes

Fubo TV is an American OTT i.e. video on demand online application. It is mostly famous for having the most number of channels and providing Live Streaming of a wide range of sports and other events. Fubo TV comes with geological restrictions and since it is a US-based OTT platform, you might need a VPN server to watch Live Preakness Stakes Streaming via Fubo in Canada.

Fubo TV will stream each and every festivities of Preakness Stakes via NBC Sports. It charges only $64.99 every month for its streaming and also offer free 7 days trial period to its new users.

Thus with a good VPN server, you are all set to catch Live Preakness Stakes coverage on Fubo TV for Free (terms and conditions apply) in Canada.

Best VPN Server to Access Preakness Stakes in Canada

We have already mentioned why you need a VPN server. Now it’s time to disclose the best VPN server to access OTT Platforms in Canada to watch Live Stream Preakness Stakes. There is no doubt that EXPRESS VPN is the best VPN server. As it offers the most number of features including 100% security, 24/7 customer service and most importantly wide range of IP locations.

All you need is to sign up to EXPRESS VPN and you are all set to watch Preakness Stakes Live Stream in Canada.

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