Do you want to Watch Kentucky Derby Live in UK? Get ready for “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” because Kentucky Festival has once again restored its May slot. This two week long annual horse racing festival has been held almost always on the first Saturday of May since 1875. For its approximate duration Kentucky Derby is also known as ‘The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports’.

Fans will be able to watch this amazing festival from anywhere around the world. Here you will find everything about how to watch Kentucky Derby 2022 Live Stream from UK? 

Live Stream Kentucky Derby in UK

The 148th edition of the Kentucky Derby will be live streamed all around the world through both Official and other live and on demand broadcasters. If you do not want to miss any moment of this mega event then you can watch Live Stream Kentucky Derby 2022 on its official broadcaster NBC Sports channel from anywhere (might need VPN for some regions). While many other online applications will also be streaming Live Kentucky Derby 2022 in multiple regions all over the world.

The following section will explain how to watch Live Stream Kentucky Derby 2022 in United Kingdom using both Official and Other online Broadcasters.

Stream Kentucky Derby on Official Broadcaster NBC Sports

NBC is an American English language broadcaster that will broadcast live stream Kentucky Derby 2022 throughout United States. Being the Official broadcaster NBC Sports network realize that though the core event will take place only in 120 seconds but Kentucky Derby is not just about the fastest 2 minutes in sports only. But rather it is more about the whole festival. Thus for its fans who want to enjoy the whole festival NBC Sports will be broadcasting each and every critical moments and traditions of Kentucky Derby festival.

NBC Sports channel will cover each and every festivities of this mega event. Due to regional restrictions NBC will only live stream Kentucky Festival 2022 in United States but this can be altered anytime by using a good VPN server (such as EXPRESS VPN).

NBCSN is one of the sister channel owned by NBC Sports network that will also broadcast 148th Kentucky Derby Live Stream to its viewers.

Subscription Details – Viewers can watch NBC Sports and NBCSN Sports on their TV devices without paying any extra charges since NBC Sports network comes with your regular cable, satellite or telco TV subscription. You can also watch live streaming from official broadcaster via its app. The NBC app is the first service of NBC network and is available on both android and IOS devices. All you have to do is to download this application from any part of US (or you can use a good VPN server outside US) and can enjoy its streaming from anywhere around the world (including UK).

Kentucky Derby in UK on Streaming Services

Fans from UK can also enjoy the live streaming of 148th Kentucky Festival through Sky Sports.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is the official broadcaster of United Kingdom and this year it will also handle the live broadcasting of Kentucky Derby 2022 in UK. Since the fans of this mega event are not just limited to United States, that’s why Sky Sports has taken the responsibility to Live Stream Derby Kentucky 2022 through United Kingdom. Sky Sports will charge £25 per month for its TV subscription and if you want to watch via app then you can also download Sky Go to watch Live Kentucky Derby 2022 from anywhere around the world. Note – If you have already paid for Sky Sports subscription then you will not have to pay any penny for Sky Go subscription.

Some areas might face interruption due to blackout of geo restrictions to avoid such issues you can always use any good VPN server i.e. EXPRESS VPN (VPN details are discussed later in this article).

Some online broadcaster that will live stream Kentucky Derby are mentioned below;

Fubo TV

Do you want to watch Kentucky Derby 2022 anytime anywhere for free? Then Fubo Tv is here for you. Though Fubo TV charges $65 per month for its subscription but by using its free trial period you can watch live Kentucky Derby 2022 from anywhere around the world (of course you have to use a VPN server for some regions). Fubo TV consist of more than 100 channels including NBC Sports network that is the official live broadcaster of whole Kentucky Festival. Thus by using this application you will get access of live stream 2022 Kentucky Derby for free. The VPN that we suggest is EXPRESS VPN, since it offers 24/7 restriction free service to all of its users. Fubo TV is available on all kind of devices.

Sling TV

Sling TV will also broadcast live Kentucky Derby 2022 through United States. To watch live streaming outside USA you can use a good VPN server to avoid any restrictions. Sling TV is also available on all kind of devices. It charges $35 every month for its subscription but you can also utilize its free trial period to watch Kentucky Derby 2022 Live for Free. (For best services use Express VPN outside USA to watch live Kentucky Derby 2022.)

Peacock TV

Like all other online application Peacock TV is another American over the top application that will be streaming live Kentucky Derby 2022 through US. This OTT application also comes with geo restrictions thus in order to watch live Kentucky 2022 Derby in UK using Peacock TV one must use a good VPN server to avoid such troubles. Other than that Peacock TV will offer complete Live Streaming of your favorite event in HD quality. It charges $4.99 every month for its subscription. But you can always utilize its 7 day free trial period to watch Free Kentucky Derby Live in UK. 

Hulu TV

Hulu TV is one of the OTT platform that has wide range of channels for its users including NBC Sports and NBCSN Sports TV. Thus if you want to watch live 148th Kentucky Derby then Hulu is the right option for you. It will broadcast each and every moment of your favorite event and charges only $64 every month. For such wide range of channels it is more than enough kind of deal. In addition it also offer Free trial periods to its new users. So if you are a new user of Hulu TV you can watch its streaming for free. All you have to do is select any good VPN server (EXPRESS VPN is most suggested one) and you are ready to watch Kentucky Derby Live Stream 2022 from UK.

YouTube TV

It is basically an American OTT platform which will stream its content only in US but after using best VPN you can alter its geo restrictions. YouTube TV comes with NBC Sports Network and all its sister channels for its users. Thus it is one of the best platform to watch Live Kentucky Derby form UK. YouTube TV charges $64.99 for its monthly subscription. In some regions it also offer free trial period to its new users. Thus you can enjoy the fastest 2 minutes in Sports and more by using YouTube TV.

Direct TV Stream – Another OTT platform that will offer paid as well as free (conditions apply) Streaming of 2022 Kentucky Derby through UK (some regions or some OTT platform might need VPN server) is Direct TV Stream. It charges $69.99 for its monthly subscription and has various other OTT and cable TV channels for its users.

How to Watch Live Kentucky Derby using a VPN in UK?

No matter if you have paid for their subscription or not some TV and other online broadcasters will stop their streaming right after you cross their broadcasting region. Such broadcasters have geo restrictions and will only stream their content in specific regions such as Fubo TV, NBC Sports or Sling TV will only stream their content in United States and will stop their streaming the instant you leave the premises of United States.

Such VPN can be used outside their regions by using a good VPN server. VPN server are used to alter such geo restrictions so that viewers can watch live streaming of their favorite event from anywhere around the world. Some of the famous VPN servers that offer best services to their users include Express VPN, Pacific VPN, Turbo VPN etc. Express VPN is the most suggested one based on its performance.

These VPN offer unrestricted streaming of your favorite content 24/7 and will offer best customer services. Get 100% risk free and money back guarantee by using any goof VPN server. Thus if you are facing any restrictions on your region then you can always use VPN servers to watch Live Kentucky 2022 from anywhere around the world. They are available on all kind of devices and will charge very little every month for their services.

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