How to Watch Kentucky Derby in South Africa

Horse racing has become one of the hugely popular sports in all countries including South Africa. Both local and international events are enormously liked by the people of South Africa. Three major famous local horse racing festivals of this country include; The Summer Cup, The J & B Met. The Vodacom July. While Kentucky Derby is the international horse racing festival that is very much viewed in South Africans. But since it’s an overseas festival, fans face difficulties in watching Live Stream Kentucky Derby in South Africa.

Here in this article, you will find everything about how to watch Live Stream Kentucky Derby in South Africa, using both TV Cable and Satellite channels or over the top Streaming media. So, let’s begin …

Live Stream Kentucky Derby in South Africa

First of all every festival has their own Official broadcasters so that viewers can have one best option to watch Live Stream Kentucky Derby from anywhere around the world. Thus like every year, this year the exclusive broadcasting rights of Kentucky Derby has given to the greatest sports network of all i.e. NBC Sports Network.

NBC Sports being originally a US channel will broadcast Live Stream Kentucky Derby throughout the United States. But the query of how to watch Live Stream, Kentucky Derby, in South Africa still remains unanswered. To answer this query, let me explain what a VPN server is and how it works? In order to watch Live Stream, Kentucky Derby, in South Africa on US-based channels, you need an IP of USA so that you can watch the Live streaming of your favorite event without any interruption and a VPN server will help you to get one. 

Here is this article you will find how to watch Live Kentucky in South Africa and how and why you need a VPN server to watch Live Stream Kentucky Derby. Following are the details of channels that will broadcast Kentucky Derby so just keep reading…

NBC Sports – Official Broadcaster of Kentucky Derby

As said before, NBC Sports Network is the official broadcaster of Kentucky Derby festival. It is a cable as well as an Online streaming application (NBC Sports app), that will stream each and every festivities of the Kentucky Derby so that you do not miss any little detail.

In addition to its HD quality streaming, NBC Sports (NBCSN) is a free to air channel as it comes with your regular cable, satellite or other telco subscription. Thus you need not to pay any extra penny for the Live Streaming of the Kentucky Derby on NBC Sports.

One thing to remember about this amazing sports channel is that it comes with geological restrictions i.e. it will only stream its content in US and will stop streaming the moment you leave US territories. So how on the earth you will watch Kentucky Derby Live Stream in South Africa on NBC Sports? The answer is you are going to use a VPN server to overcome its geological restrictions, its further details will be shared later in this article.

NBC Sports is also available on multiple OTT application so that you can watch Live Kentucky Derby on NBC Sports via various online streaming media. The availability of NBC Sports on streaming Media are given below;

Streaming Media 
FuboTV                                Yes
Hulu Live TV                                                  Yes
Sling TV                                              Yes
YouTube TV                                                           Yes
Direct TV Stream                                                    Yes
Peacock TV                                                        Recaps Only

Sky Sports – Live Stream Kentucky Derby

Being the official sports broadcaster in UK, Sky Sports has the exclusive rights to live stream Kentucky Derby in UK. This mega channel also comes with geological restrictions which can also be overcome by a good VPN server (the details are mentioned later in this article).

Sky Sports is a paid TV cable channel as well as an OTT platform (Sky Go). The good this is that if you have already paid for Sky Sports then you need not to pay any penny for Sky Go. Sky Sports will Live Stream Kentucky Derby in HD quality for its users and is available on all kinds of devices.

Sky Sports realize the importance of horse racing festivals and thus will provide each and every moment’s broadcasting through both cable and its online streaming media (Sky GO). Thus never miss any moment of Kentucky Derby with Sky Sports.

Sky Sports is also available on other streaming media so that you will have multiple options to watch Live Stream Kentucky Derby. These applications also require UK based IP addresses but can be accessed through a VPN server. The availability of Sky Sports on OTT applications are given below;

Streaming Media 
Sky GoWatch Live
 (UK and Ireland only)
Now TVWatch Live (UK and Ireland only)
Virgin TV GoWatch Live (UK only)

Watch Live Kentucky Derby on OTT Applications

The online streaming media that are going to broadcast Live Kentucky Derby one way or other are mentioned below;

OTT Applications Live Kentucky DerbySubscription Charges (Free Trial, if available)Live Stream in South Africa
Fubo TVYes$64.99/ month (7 days Free Trial Period)VPN required 
Sling TVYes$35/ month (5 days Free Trial Period)VPN required
Peacock TVRecaps or short clips only$5/ month (7 days Free Trial Period)VPN required
YouTube TVYes$64.99/ month (7 days Free Trial Period)VPN required
Direct TV StreamYes$69.99/ month (7 days Free Trial Period)VPN required
Hulu SportsYes$64.99/ month (7 days Free Trial Period)VPN required

How to access Kentucky Derby Instantly in South Africa

Since most of the channel (cable, satellite) and online over the top streaming applications comes with geological restrictions and require their countries’ IP addresses for Live Streaming Kentucky Derby. So, in order to watch Live Kentucky Derby via these cable, satellite and OTT platforms from anywhere around the world, we need to come up with a full proof system i.e. use of a VPN server.

A VPN server is an application that allows you to change your IP addresses (i.e. overcoming geo restriction) and watch a Live Stream of your favorite festival from anywhere around the world.

VPN servers have now become a necessity as most of the TV channels and online platforms come with geo-restriction and will stop streaming their content right after you cross their broadcasting territories. Such as Fubo TV, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV etc., these OTT platforms has geological restrictions and will only stream their content in US. The minutes you cross the territories of USA, these OTT platforms will stop their streaming even for their paid users. Here come VPN servers as a savior as they allow you to change your IP address into any US-based region and enjoy the live streaming of Kentucky Derby or any other event from anywhere around the world.

Thus VPN server are highly trusted applications. There are number of VPN server in the market but you have to choose the right one with unlimited IP addresses and a 100% security guarantee. One of the most popular VPN servers is EXPRESS VPN which is famous for its unlimited countries servers and 24/7 customer service feature. Some other VPN servers include; Tubo VPN, Hotshot VPN, Dolphin VPN server etc. 

The step by step guide about how to use a VPN server is given below;

  • Get Express VPN (most trusted VPN server with best customer services)
  • Connect to a server location in the U.S. where the NBC broadcast is available.
  • If you’re watching via a web browser, use the Express VPN browser extension
  • Sign up. Select the market that corresponds with the server location you’re connected to.
  • Enjoy streaming!

Thus use a VPN server and Enjoy Live Streaming of Kentucky Derby Festival from anywhere around the world.

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