How to Watch Cheltenham Gold Cup 2023 in South Africa

Good News for all Cheltenham Gold Cup fans outside the United Kingdom, as Cheltenham Gold Cup Live coverage will be available on a wide range of online on-demand streaming applications. Using the right VPN server, these applications can be accessed outside the UK, including South Africa.

Thoroughbred Horse Racing festivals are among the most popular sports in most countries, including South Africa. Every country arranges local and international horse racing festivals to amuse its citizens. One of the most popular horse racing events, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, is also eagerly watched in South Africa.

Here in this article, you will find everything about how to watch Cheltenham Gold Cup in South Africa.

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Live Stream Cheltenham Gold Cup 2023 in South Africa without Cable

There is no denying that the best way to enjoy any horse event is with the crowds, but in our current situation, Live TV coverage of the Cheltenham Gold Cup is playing an important role and are as much necessary. The two Live TV channels going to Live Stream Cheltenham Gold Cup are ITV Racing (ITV Hub) and Racing TV App.

But South African fans will face issues accessing the Live TV coverage of both ITV Hub and Racing TV. Both these channels are UK based and will only stream their content in the UK because of geo-restrictions. Thus to access Live Stream Cheltenham Gold Cup in South Africa, you will need a VPN server.

Here are the steps to follow to live stream Cheltenham Gold Cup 2023 in South Africa:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN, which is electric fast and has many servers worldwide. It has servers in South Africa too.
  2. Delete the Cache and Cookies from your browser’s history. If you don’t do that, the VPN might not work properly.
  3. Install the VPN on your iOS, Android, or Laptop devices.
  4. Launch the VPN and set your location to any UK server.
  5. Sign in to the Racing TV app or ITV Hub. If you don’t already have the subscriptions, you are required to get the subscription first. If they are free, you are good to go then…
  6. .Enjoy the live streaming.

How to Access ITV Racing in South Africa for Cheltenham Gold Cup 2023

ITV Racing is an ITV Sports channel dedicated to the broadcasting of racing (horse) in the United Kingdom. Cheltenham Gold Cup main events are available on ITV racing via its online ITV Hub app. You can access these OTT Streaming Media in South Africa to live stream Cheltenham Gold Cup by using a VPN server.

ITV Player (Hub) – ITV Player is an OTT application of ITV sports channels so that viewers can watch ITV Sports content from anywhere, anytime, using its online application. If you are already a paid user of ITV Sports, you do not need to pay any extra penny for its streaming.

How to Live Stream Cheltenham Gold Cup 2023 on Racing TV in South Africa

Chatham Gold Cup will be live-streamed on the Racing TV app, but to access Racing TV in South Africa, you will need a VPN server to avoid geo-restrictions. Racing TV will also be streaming its content via its online website i.e. Racing TV Extra. This website will only offer a few clips and recaps in some regions, but you can access the festival using a VPN server outside England.

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