How to Watch Breeders’ Cup in Europe

Being a horse racing fan, you might also want to know about How to Watch the Live Stream Breeders’ Cup in Europe. So, this article is for you. Here, you will find every detail about catching the Live Stream Breeders’ Cup in Europe.

Breeders Cup, also known as ‘The Finale of Horse Racing Festivals”. It is an annual Grad One thoroughbred Horse Racing event that occurs almost every year on the second Saturday of June. Breeders’ Cup is a two-day horse-racing event considered one of the most-watched thoroughbred horse racing festivals.

How to Watch Breeders Cup on NBC Sports (Europe)

The craze of Horse racing is not just limited to only one country. Many people in Europe also want to know how they can watch Live Stream Breeders Cup. One way to access Live Stream Breeders Cup is via its Official Broadcaster. This year, NBC Sports owns the Official Broadcasting Rights of Breeders Cup. And thus, it will stream every festivity of this mega event for its users. But since, NBC Sports is an American TV Live broadcaster. It will not be available in Europe, because it comes with geological restrictions.

Many online on-demand streaming platforms will also broadcast Live Breeders Cup via NBC Sports such as Fubo TV, Sling TV, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, NBC EXTRA, etc. These OTT platforms or websites can be accessed using a good VPN server in Europe, thus watching Live Stream Breeders Cup in Europe via NBC Sports. You should better get a VPN server. The details about VPN servers are mentioned below in this article.

How to Watch Breeders Cup in the United Kingdom

When it comes to horse racing, the United Kingdom is not as far behind as you think. The UK is considered one of the most popular countries for arranging international horse racing festivals. Cheltenham Gold Cup is one of the well-known thoroughbred horse racing festivals in the UK.  You can also watch the Live Stream of various other international horse racing events in UK such as the Breeders’ Cup. If you want to watch Live Stream Breeders Cup in UK, it will be available on ITV Sports, Racing TV, and Sky Sports.

ITV Sports

ITV Sports is a free-to-air TV channel that will stream the Live Breeders Cup in UK (to watch Live Breeders Cup via ITV Sports outside UK you will need a VPN server). Fans wait no more because now you can have direct free access to Live Stream Breeders Cup in UK on ITV Sports. The channels of ITV Sports that will stream the Live Breeders cup are ITV and ITV1.

You can also catch Live Stream Breeders Cup on ITV Hub, which is a free online application for all ITV Sports users. It is available on all kinds of devices, literally anything that plugs in.

ITV Sports Availability

Cable: Virgin Media, Virgin Media Ireland, UPC (Switzerland), Citycable (Switzerland), WightFibre

Satellite: Freesat, Sky, Astra 2E (28.2°E), Astra 2G (28.2°E)

IPTV: SwisscomTV (Switzerland), FL1(Liechtenstein),

Streaming Media: ITV Hub, TVPlayer, Sky Go, Virgin TV Go

Sky Sports

This year, Sky Sports also own the Official Broadcasting rights of the Breeders Cup. Sky Sports might be the best option if you want to watch Live Stream Breeders Cup in the UK. Sky Sports Racing will Stream every moment of the Breeders Cup for its users. You can also watch Breeders Cup Live Stream on Sky go i.e. it’s an online on-demand application. In addition to its affordable monthly subscription charges. Sky Go also offers free 7 days trial period to its new users only. If you are not a user of Sky Sports, you can also watch Breeders Cup Live Stream on Now TV.

As Now TV has access to all 11 Sky Sports channels with a Now TV Sky Sports Pass. It will cost you £12.99 for 24 hours of live Sky Sports in HD. But we did recommend Monthly Pass to get much better value.

Note: To watch Live Stream Breeders Cup via Sky Sports outside UK, you will need a VPN server whose details will be mentioned later in this article.

Cable: Virgin Media and Virgin Media Ireland

Satellite: Sky

IPTV: TalkTalk TV, BT TV, BT TV (Via Now TV), Eir Vision

Streaming Media: Sky Go, Now TV, Virgin TV Go

Racing TV

Racing Tv will also broadcast 11 out of 16 Breeders Cup races. So, if you are not a user of ITV Sports or Sky Sports, you can still catch most of the Breeders Cup events on Racing TV. It is available on most devices, including Apple, Android, and Amazon TV. You can also enjoy live races via direct go, its official website.

Racing TV has 3 packages for live stream horse racing from UK and Ireland monthly package is £24.98, the annual package is £298, and the day pass is £10 with no contact and a one-off payment. It also has a free registration option, but you can’t watch the live horse races here. Thus, go for racing TV to Watch Live Stream Breeders’ Cup in the UK.


Cable: Virgin Media (UK), Virgin Ireland

Satellite: Sky

Streaming Media: Racing TV Extra

How to Watch Breeders’ Cup in France?

France also hosts famous horse racing festivals such as The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. Unfortunately, France does not have any official broadcast of the Breeders Cup; you will have to access other TV channels via different OTT platforms to watch France’s Live Stream Breeders Cup. One of the biggest broadcasters of the Breeders Cup is NBC or NBCSN Sports. It will also broadcast its streaming via different online on-demand services that you can access in France just by using a VPN server.

NBC Sports via OTTAvailabilitySubscription Charges
Fubo TVYes$64.99/ month
Sling TVYes $35/ month
Peacock TVYes (Recaps or short clips only)$5/ month
YouTube TVYes$64.99/ month
DirectTV StreamYes$69.99/ month
Hulu SportsYes$64.99/ month

Other than NBC Sports, Sky Sports, ITV, and Racing TV will also stream Live Breeders cup. You can access these channels via their official websites or other OTT platforms. For example, NBC Sports EXTRA, SKY GO, ITV hub are their official online broadcasters that you can access anywhere in France by using any good VPN server. Using a VPN server will be necessary because all these official websites and OTT platforms have geological restrictions and require a VPN server outside their broadcasting regions.

How to Watch Breeders’ Cup in Italy

You can also watch the Live Stream Breeders Cup in Italy using a VPN server. Choose any of your desired channels or OTT platform that are mentioned above. Use a VPN server to overcome their geo-restrictions, and you are all set to watch the Live Stream Breeders Cup in Italy.

You will need a VPN server to watch the Live Stream Breeders Cup in Italy because it does not own the broadcasting rights of the Breeders Cup, and thus you have to borrow other countries’ broadcasters to watch Live Stream Breeders Cup in Italy. For that VPN server is necessary.

How to Watch Breeders’ Cup Free Online in Europe

As already mentioned in this article, many OTT platforms will stream the Live Breeders Cup via different officials and other broadcasters. These OTT platforms charge for their subscriptions, but most offer free trial periods to their new users. Thus, you can watch the Live Stream Breeders Cup in Europe for Free online by availing that free trial period. Keep in mind; these OTT Online Streaming platforms might need a VPN server in your region.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV is an American OTT platform. It will broadcast almost every moment of Breeders Cup via NBC Sports Network. Apart from Breeders Cup streaming, it also broadcast various other sports events and entertainment programs. And for all its content, it charges only $64.99 every month for its subscription. But in addition to its subscription charges, it also offers free trial periods to its new users. It will stream Live Breeders Cup for you completely Free of Cost. You have to keep in mind that it will only work in the USA; outside the US, it requires a VPN server for its streaming. But after reading the last section of this article, that will not be a problem anymore.

All you need is to get Hulu Live TV, and you are all set to watch Live Breeders Cup Free online from anywhere in Europe.

How to Watch Breeders’ Cup in Europe with a VPN

Using a VPN server can access any OTT platform of your desire to watch Live Stream Breeders Cup anywhere in Europe. There is a wide range of VPN servers such as Nord VPN, Express VPN, Hotshot VPN etc. But Express VPN is considered the boss of every VPN server in the market. The step by step guide of how to use a VPN server to avoid geo-restrictions are given below;

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider.  (Our Recommendation: Express VPN).
  2. Download and install its application for your device.
  3. Log in to the app with your credentials and connect to the American server.
  4. Visit the official NBC Sports Site or any other OTT platform and start streaming Breeders’ Cup from anywhere in Europe.

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