How to Watch Belmont Stakes in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Get ready for the biggest horse racing event in history. Belmont Stakes is considered Grand I quality thoroughbred horse racing; it is held almost every year in America on the second Saturday in June.  Its popularity is not limited to the just USA, but rather it is famous in most countries. Fans look forward to watching Live Stream Belmont Stakes in UAE and Saudi Arabia. This article will tell you everything about how to watch Live Stream Belmont Stakes in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

UAE and Saudi Arabia are the two major sports-loving countries. And horse racing is considered as one of the hugely popular sports in both UAE and Saudi Arabia. A wide range of horse racing festivals, both national and international, are hosted by UAE and Saudi Arabia every year. Some of the well-known horse racing events in UAE and Saudi Arabia are; Dubai turf, Dubai World Cup, Saudi Horse race, etc. 

Watch Live Streaming of Belmont Stakes on NBC Sports or NBCSN Sports T.V. channels. You can also catch its live streaming via the NBC website i.e. or its OTT application i.e. NBC App. Besides NBC’s original website and OTT application, Belmont Stakes will also be available via NBC Sports on various OTT platforms.

NBC Streaming Media Availability

  • fubo TV
  • Hulu+LIVE
  • Sling TV
  • Youtube TV
  • DirecTV Stream

How to Access NBCSCN to Stream Belmont Stakes in Middle East

Belmont Stakes, one of the most popular international American horse racing events, is also famous in UAE and Saudi Arabia. People look forward to watch Live Stream Belmont Stakes.

Since there is no other broadcaster in both UAE and Saudi Arabia that owns the broadcasting rights of Belmont Stakes. Thus fans in UAE and S.A. will have to figure out how to access Live Stream Belmont Stakes via NBC Sports.

Just like any other broadcaster, NBC also comes with geo-restrictions. Thus you might face some restrictions while accessing NBC Sports (website as well as its OTT platforms). NBC Will only stream its content in USA and will stop streaming right after you cross U.S. borders.  But there is a way to overcome any restrictions, i.e. VPN server. Using any good VPN server, you can access Live Stream Belmont Stakes in UAE and Saudi Arabia. The most suggested VPN server is EXPRESS TV because of its wonderful services and security.

The complete detail of VPN servers and how to use them to access live stream Belmont Stakes in UAE and Saudi Arabia will be discussed later in this article. 

What Streaming Media offers NBCSN

Watch Belmont Stakes Live Stream via NBC Sports!

NBC Sports is the official broadcaster of most sporting events in the USA. But because it has geo-restriction, you will have to use a VPN server to access its Live Stream. NBC Sports has its website and OTT app, NBCSPORTS, and NBC App.

It streams all its content via the website and other OTT applications. You can access these applications in UAE and Saudi Arabia using a good VPN server.  

In addition to its official website and app, NBC Sports will also stream its content via various other OTT applications. These on-demand streaming services will stream Live Belmont Stakes via NBC Sports and can easily be accessed in UAE and Saudi Arabia using a VPN server (details are given at the end of this article). The availability of NBC Sports via OTT platforms are given below;

NBC Sports via OTTAvailabilitySubscription Charges
Fubo TVYes$64.99/ month
Sling TVYes$35/ month
Peacock TVYes (Recaps or short clips only)$5/ month
YouTube TVYes$64.99/ month
DirectTV StreamYes$69.99/ month
Hulu SportsYes$64.99/ month

How to Access Sling, Fubo, Hulu+LIVE, Youtube & DirecTV in Saudi Arabia and UAE

You can now watch Live Belmont Stakes on YouTube T.V. or any other OTT platform like fubo, Hulu+LIVE, Youtube TV and DirecTV Stream. You will be needing a good IP dislocation to do that. A VPN is a tool to do that in style.

A VPN server is a virtual private network server that helps establish a private connection while using a private network. It helps you to change your I.P. addresses and maintain your security. Thus by switching your I.P. address to some other location, you can access geo-restricted applications and thus can watch your favorite horse racing festival from anywhere around the world.

YouTube T.V. is a U.S. based OTT platform and will only work in the USA. By switching your I.P. address to USA location via VPN server, you can access Youtube TV and any other platform to watch Live Stream of Belmont Stakes.

The best VPN server is Express VPN, with unlimited I.P. addresses and a 100% secure connection. All you have to do is download EXPRESS VPN Server, sign in, and you are all set to watch Live Stream Belmont Stakes in UAE and Saudi Arabia. EXPRESS VPN is also light on your budget and offers a free trial period to its new users (terms and conditions might vary in different regions).

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