How to watch Grand National 2023 online in Canada

If you are in Canada you would not have a lot of options to watch the Grand National horse racing online. But if you are a horse racing fan, you will find a way out to catch the games live. In this guide I am going to tell you how you can live stream Grand National online in Canada.

Live Stream Grand National 2023 in Canada without Cable

ITV Racing and Racing TV are the two main sports channels of UK and will play their role as the official live broadcasters of Grand National in 2023. So, you can watch almost each and every race of Grand National on ITV racing and Racing TV.

Another broadcaster that is also expected to stream Live Grand National is BBC Sports via Channel 4. Channel 4 has also played an important role in the live TV coverage of Grand National in past years. But there is a 50-50 chance that this year Channel 4 will not be streaming Grand National Live coverage. You can always catch recaps and clips of this event on BBC Sports and Channel 4 but for complete coverage, you better get ITV racing and Racing TV.

Since both Live TV broadcasters of Grand National i.e. ITV Racing and Racing TV will only stream their content in the United Kingdom. Thus in order to catch these channels in Canada, you will require a VPN server.

Here is the way to unblock ITV Racing or Racing TV in Canada:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN because it is electric fast and have many servers worldwide.
  2. Clear the cache and cookies from your browser’s history.
  3. Install the VPN on any of your compatible device. Be it mobile (iOS or Android) or laptop, there is no change to miss the live action if you have ExpressVPN.
  4. Launch the VPN and set your location to Canada.
  5. Make sure your location is changed.
  6. Sign in to the streaming service you wish to unblock (ITV Racing or Racing TV).
  7. Enjoy live streaming on race day.

Live Stream Grand National 2023 on ITV Racing

ITV racing is an ITV Sports channels dedicated to the broadcasting of racing (horse) in United Kingdom. Grand National main events are available on ITV racing via multiple Cable, Satellite and OTT Streaming Media. You can access these OTT Streaming Media in Canada to watch Live Grand National by using a VPN server.

ITV Player for Mobile

ITV Player is an OTT application of ITV sports channels so that viewers can watch ITV Sports content from anywhere, anytime using its online application. If you are already a paid user of ITV Sports then you do not need to pay any extra penny for its streaming.

Live Stream Grand National 2023 in Canada on Racing TV

Racing TV is the other official broadcaster that will be streaming most of the Live Grand National races to its viewers. For your ease, Racing TV will also be streaming its content on its official website i.e. Racing TV Extra. This website just like the original cable channels will stream Live Grand National and is free for Racing TV users. The only trouble you might face is that both Racing TV and its website come with geo restrictions and thus in order to stream its content in Canada you will have to use a VPN server.

Unfortunately, no other OTT application will stream Live Grand National via Racing TV except its own website.

Does any Streaming Media Carries of Racing TV or ITV Racing

ITV Racing and Racing TV are independed apps and are not available on any streaming media. So the best way to watch the games live is via ITV Racing or Racing TV.

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